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Great North Insurance Services Commercial Insurance

Choosing the right commercial insurance helps protect you from the unexpected so you can

concentrate on your business and continue to thrive. Great North Insurance offers a wide variety of

insurance products to protect you and your business. As a business owner you have spent a great deal

of time, energy and money building your business and one catastrophe could put that in jeopardy.

You need an independent insurance agency like Great North Insurance. Our team will work hard

to improve your bottom line, protect your balance sheet, and position your business

competitively, both in terms of finances and in reduced risk. Our team members value

each and every commercial partnership, and hold confidentiality and business integrity

in the highest regard. Our dedication to quality service shines through our

commitment to ongoing partnerships, regular evaluation of client needs, and readily

available client support.

How Can We Help?

Great North Insurance works you to understand your business, where your insurance needs are and

how insurance can you keep the business up and running even if the unexpected happens. We offer a

wide range of commercial insurance products such as coverage for your building and its contents,

your general and professional liability needs, your vehicles, your employees, data breach, cyber

liability and more.

Whether you are local to Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo area or you live in out-state Minnesota,

North Dakota, or South Dakota, our experienced and educated team will be happy to set a meeting to

discuss your business and how to best protect you and your business. Every program we develop

is customized to fit the need and risk level of each client. We tailor our strategies and

services to compliment your company and fit your precise business needs.