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Peace of Mind

We strive to take the anxiety out of the insurance process for individuals as well as businesses.

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Set for Life

We operate through a questions based model to meet our prospective clients needs. We listen and then we work together to meet their needs.

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Tailored Coverage

We guarantee that our clients have the best insurance policy to fit their personal needs. We are your agents with options.


Your home is often your most valuable asset. Knowing that you have covered your home with smart and effective homeowner’s insurance in the event of a fire, theft or extreme weather, can help you feel more secure. Great North Insurance's team of insurance professionals work hard to protect you from the unexpected. Working with individuals, couples and families to select the appropriate home insurance is one of Great North Insurance’s greatest areas of expertise. We strive to protect your home’s value with an individualized insurance plan that fits both your budget and your priorities. We are your agents with options.

Attaining Homeowner’s Insurance
can be a complex situation,
you may have questions like:

Home Insurance

  • What is covered?
  • What is not covered?
  • How much home insurance coverage do I need to cover a claim?
  • What deductible should I carry?
  • Do I need a sump pump and sewer backup?
  • What does ACV mean?
  • Do I have coverage for my personal property?
  • Is my Jewelry covered correctly?

These are all questions that the professional insurance agents at Great North Insurance can answer for you.

Great North Insurance can help protect your home’s value with a personalized insurance plan that fits both your budget and your priorities.

We work with clients from up and down the Midwest. We can service all of your home insurance needs whether its your primary residence or you are a real estate investor. Call us today to discuss your personal insurance needs.

Condominium or TownHome Insurance

Insuring a condominium is different than insuring a home because your condo association buys insurance for the building and common areas. In choosing your condo policy, you should consider where your responsibilities begin and end, the areas of the building you own, your association’s deductible and your personal belongings. Great North Insurance can help you find a policy that’s right for your situation.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects the things that matter to you–like your clothes, furniture and electronics. It also protects you with liability coverage. It can help you establish a good insurance track record and may qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance or make it easier to get a homeowner’s policy when you eventually buy your own place.

If you are from the any of the Midwest states of North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota stretching to Nebraska, Missouri or Texas. Great North Insurance can service all of your renter's insurance needs.

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