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Great North Insurance agents have a vast knowledge of the insurance and financial services industry. We would like to share our knowledge with the people that have supported and continue to support us. We believe in the question-based services style of business. This simply stated means: We will ask questions. We will listen. We will present the idea to you, our customer. Lastly, we will solve and give advice.

We are your trusted friend in this business. Great North Insurance works with a multitude of insurance providers. We obtain quotes for your insurance from many different carriers in order to get you a fair premium, but more importantly, to get value out of your hard earned dollar. We understand each of our customers has different needs and faces different risks each day. However, each of our customers also has something in common. They want to feel safe and protected. We are here to care for our clients at all times no matter how unique or adverse the situation. Great North Insurance strives to be the best. We understand insurance is not transactional. It is about building relationships. We will make every effort to provide the best service and the best overall customer experience.

We are currently licensed to do business in 26 states. Please click on the Products link above for an overview of the products and services we provide. We can help you in a variety of ways, whether it is personal insurance, business, life or health, the team at Great North Insurance is here for you. To apply, please click on the Get a Quick Quote link. If you are already a customer of Great North Insurance Services, please Refer a Friend and let our team help.

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Great North Insurance works with a multitude of insurance providers to get value out of your hard earned dollar.